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Rhythm disturbance of ST-segment dynamics

For optimization of the ventricular complexes definition there are several modes with changeable threshold of sensivity. Setting can be done manually according to the noisiness level and range of amplitude. In case of invalid settings of definition provides the system of quick data re-analyzing.

ECG analysis
Data analyzing of 24-hours monitoring lasts 1-2 min. depending on difficulty and the noise level of the record.

During processing the system defines various types of QRS-complexes in the record and gives their quantitative estimation. Just mark found QRS types and the following diagnostics will be done automatically to perform complete record analyzing and summary.

Summary of standard analysis
Standard Holtersystem 2F analysis includes quantitative estimation of heart rate frequency and arrhythmia; ST-segment dynamics and pacemaker analysis.

Summary is performed in text; per hour table of diagnosing events; graphs and trends; and ECG fragments.

Summary includes:
  • frequency of main (sinus) rhythm with minimal, maximal and average rates per hour and during all monitoring;
  • character and frequency of ventricular ectopic activity with single, bigeminy and couple extrasystoles and ventricular tachycardia runs taking into consideration their polymorphness;
  • character and frequency of supraventricular ectopic activity with special defining of Episodes of atrial fibrillation;
  • frequency and pause length;
  • ST-segment shifting and its ratio to heart rate frequency

  • ST-segment analysis
    Special program for ST-segment analyzing provides manual editing of automatic ST-segment measurement results on the fixed distance from j point (0-80 ms) and its shifting from computed "floating" datum value. For control of automatic measurements are available: trends of ST-segment and HR level, native ECG and average ECG in 15,30 or 60 s. There are restrictions on analyzing of aberrant and ventricular ectopic complexes.

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