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System for stress test - (Astrocard® Polysystem-FS)

  • Stress test with bicycleergometer(various types of bicycleergometer )treadmill,stress-echo
  • Wireless and standard(with cable) transfer of ECG in 12 leads
  • Automatic analyzing of arrhythmia and ST dynamics
  • Automatic BP recording
  • High safety and fault-tolerance
  • Pulse oxymetry option
  • Additional science options:analysis of rhythm variability, late ventricular heart potentials,microvolt T-wave alternation

Astrocard Polysystem-FS   Bicycleergometer   Treadmill   Stress-Echo

Polysystem-4FS is based on the up-to-date methods of computer processing of electrophysiological signals and offers analysis, graphic viewing and storing of received data, automation of researching process.

Polysystem-4FS is an universal electrocardiographic system for various functional and medication tests (e stress test using bicycleergometer (various types of bicycleergometer) , treadmill, stress-echo, orthostatic test, static exercise tolerance test and etc).

System description

It includes:
  • dedicated portable 12-channel recodering block ECG, cable, set of ECG electrode, interface board for data inputting and software for functional heart tests
  • cordless compact 12-channel ECG block that is set on the patient and provides continuous ECG transfer to the analyzing block (optionally)
  • SpO2 monitor (optionally)
Taking into account hazard of stress tests itself and the necessity of computer and software reliability the system is equipped with:
  • dedicated fault-tolerant computer, which provides uninterrupted activity during long period of time in automatic mode
  • medical power unit, which provides compliance with medical requirements of electrical safety and radio noise
  • Windows Embedded operating system, specially designed for productivity and accident prevention with high reliability level

System setting

System of investigations planning allows choosing between ready protocols of stress changing (for treadmill) or creating protocols at user's opinion (for bicycleergometer). The ability of arbitrary setting of allowable ranges of monitored changes during physiological indices measurements and also criteria of ST-segment depression and elevation for "alarm" signal allows adapting of investigations program to individual feature of the patient or to particular aims of investigations.

System real-time operation

The system allows ECG recoding in 12 standard leads. Due to the digital signal processing, original method of QRS-complex defining and correction of the isoline shifting, also selective averaging of sinus QRS-T complexes the user achieve high and stable quality of ECG record, exact defining of ST-segment depression and elevation including "alarm" signal. The system allows SpO2 recording and analyzing during all investigation (optionally). One can record and analize late Ventricular heart potentials (optionally) and variability HR, microvolt T-wave alternation.

On the screen there are several windows which help to estimate measuring parameters and to control monitors during whole measurement:
  • active ECG window provides continuous view of active ECG on 12 ECG leads on two speeds of oscillogram movements ( 50 25mm/s, sets arbitrary) and allows visual verification of ECG;
  • Averaging window shows averaged QRS-T complexes at 8 s in 1-3 selected leads. Averaged complexes at initial state can be viewed togeger with current complexes. This allows exact visual estimation of the ST-segment shifting;
  • trend window forms up trends of BP, HR, and ST-segment level in real time on the selected the lead. Also it forms a trend of ventricular premature beats frequency.
There is also an index of the lead where ST depression or elevation was found; and index of the current stress. During the whole measurement the audiovisual signal is available. It indicates the moments of stress switching and BP measurements.

Polysystem-4FS provides logging of the whole measurement on the hard disk.

System operating in data analyzing mode

After measuring system provides automatic analysis of the received data and form summary,a detailed measurement report and trends (graphs of changes in the main parameters during the whole measurement). Report forming allows manual data adding as well as final conclusion.

Besides automatic processing any section of 12-channel ECG record may undergo visual verification with nessesary manual changes. Mode of full ECG disclosure report is available for easy estimation of arrhythmia.


The system provides high-quality ECG prints on the laser printer with speed from 5 to 400 mm/s on A4 sheets.

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