EP Recording and Mapping System

System for intracardiac electrophysiological studies (Astrocard® - CardioEP II)

The system is designed for intracardiac electrophysiological studies using endocardial cardiac mapping and programmed cardiac electrical stimulation. It provides full compatibility with equipment for catheter destruction and can be successfully used for pacemaker implantation operations. The system is made in accordance with the recommendations of the committee of experts of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences on implantable antiarrhythmic devices and electrophysiology. The system provides registration and visualization of external ECG signals and invasive electrograms, determination and display of the position of the poles of intracardiac catheters, construction and visualization of maps of electrical excitation of the heart, elimination of arrhythmogenic zones in the heart using the supplied radio-frequency destructor, electrical stimulation of various areas of the heart using the included pacemaker, stress tests with atrial pacing to detect myocardial ischemia.

The system can be successfully used during pacemaker implantation operations.

  • Recording of 128 endocardial channels and 12-leads ECG