System for multichannel cardiac mapping

System for multichannel cardiac mapping is designed to assess cardiac activity, visualize, process and record the biopotentials of the heart from the body surface (up to 252 channels) into the PC memory.

System is intended for use in clinics, cardiology centers, medical research institutes and other medical and preventive medical institutions and research institutions of the corresponding profile.

System for multichannel cardiac mapping provides:

  • Simultaneous registration of 252 channels of heart electrical activity
  • Output and display of the heart biopotentials and additional ECG in real time
  • Change the scale and speed of waveforms movement on the PC screen
  • Digital filtering of the ECG signal (isoline drift filter, high-frequency noise filter, line noise filter)
  • Possibility of manual measurement of intervals and signal amplitudes
  • Processing of the obtained data in accordance with the objectives of the study (construction of maps, equipotential surfaces, analysis of rhythm variability, analysis of QRST alternation, analysis of late potentials, etc.)
  • Saving the entire study on HD