Stress test system (Astrocard® Polysystem-FS)

Polysystem-4FS is an universal electrocardiographic system for various functional and pharmacological tests (exercise stress test on bicycle (various types of bicycle), treadmill, stress-echo, orthostatic test, static exercise tolerance test and etc).

The Polysystem-4FS system provides both modern wireless ECG transmission of 12 channels, and classical (using a wire) one.

Wireless transmission is carried out via digital radio communication. For this, a modern small-sized telemetric 12-channel ECG recorder is used.

The use of wireless technologies significantly increases the comfort and safety of the examination for the patient and doctor.

  • Stress test with bicycleergometer (various types of bicycleergometer ) treadmill, stress-echo
  • Wireless and standard(with cable) transfer of ECG in 12 leads
  • Automatic analyzing of arrhythmia and ST dynamics