Noninvasive Electrophysiological Study

Polysystem-EP/L («CardioEP") System for noninvasive transesophageal EP studies (EP)

The system is intended for noninvasive studies via esophageal electrostatic copying method and noninvasive heart electrostimulation, as well as for stress testing with atrium stimulation to detect myocardial ischemia.

  • Automation of basic study programs;
  • Automatic intervals measurement;
  • Displaying of study results in graphical form with real-time editing;
  • Unique stabilization technology of isoline after electrostimulation;
  • Extensive filtering in real-time;
  • High reliability and fault tolerance;
  • Additional research opportunities: microvolt T-wave alternation

System description

  • dedicated portable registration module of ECG and esophageal leads, a set of electrocardiographic electrodes, esophageal probes; special software for transesophageal EP studies