Ambulatory Telemetry Global Monitoring

TELEMETRY ECG RECORDING AND ANALYZING SYSTEM "ASTROCARD ®-TELEMETRY" GLOBAL MONITORING is intended for wireless remote and continuous ECG monitoring in real time for a long time (up to 30 days).

As in the case of classical Holter monitoring, а patient wears a specialized ECG recorder, which provides 3-channels ECG recording. With the help of a module built into the recorder, the ECG is transmitted via mobile networks to a specialized cloud server, where it is stored and subsequently transferred to a computer for analysis and doctors' mobile phones (iOS and Android) to control the quality of the recording.

During monitoring, a patient can freely move within the coverage area of ​​mobile networks. In the absence of access to mobile communications, the recorder records the ECG in the built-in memory and transmits it to the cloud when access appears.

  • Monitoring via mobile Internet networks at any remote
  • Free movement of the patient
  • Continuous ECG monitoring by 3-channels for a long period (up to 30 days and more) of time