Hospital Telemetry ECG Recording and Analysis

  • Real time ECG monitoring on 2-3 or 12-leads of 1-64 patientes simultaneously
  • Compact ECG recorders with 2-3 or 12 leads
  • Central Monitoring Station provides a wide range of observation opportunities, "Emergency" alarm and database recording
  • Retrospective analysis using ECG Holter monitoring programs
  • Portable Central Monitoring Station

For nearly half of a century in clinical practice the method for continuous stationary ECG monitoring was widely used. This method is an inherent part of intensive care unit. It is used for monitoring heart rhythm disorders of patients whose condition determines a high probability of a sudden arrhythmia that is a direct threat to life. Monitoring aim here is to ensure an immediate response on the development of a life-threatening arrhythmia or detecting its precursors with the following preventative therapy. Since the mid 80's with the ability of dynamic monitoring of ST segment level, new aims of identifying ischemic episodes in the early phase of acute coronary syndromes are added for patients with complicated catheter intervention in coronary arteries and for patients with variant angina pectoris.

The wide use of drugs in clinical practice which prolongs ventricular repolarization put forward a new problem of stationary ECG monitoring: the QT interval duration monitoring in order to prevent the development of ventricular tachycardia torsades de pointes.